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 Acerbis Fuel tanks

Acerbis fuel tanks provide additional fuel capacity while still providing slim ergonomics and sleek styling. Impact and abrasion resistant Polyurethane provides years of service with proper care. All Acerbis fuel tanks include Acerbis gas cap, mounting kit, and vent hose. Applications that require special fuel Y-fittings, petcocks, etc. will come with the tank. EFI tanks DO NOT come with the fuel pump; they are designed to accept the stock one.

 Below is what we stock.  If you require another type please let us know and we can quote you an indent price.


Part No: Colour: Size: Description:
3083 DR650 petrol tap - right side  - DR650
3084 DR650 petrol tap - Left side - DR650
17554.  090(Black) * ,030(White) 25lt DR650' 96-15
16302 012(Natural), 090(Black) * ,030(White) 20lt DR650' 96-14
1585.030 030(White) 16lt DR350' 90/99
1604.090 090(Black) 14lt DRZ/KLX400
16462.030.700 Natural/ clear 2.1lt Auxilary handlebar tank