ARTRAX Handlebar Clamps & Risers

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Artrax risers will fit nearly any motorcycle with a standard bolt pattern using 7/8" (22.2mm) diameter tube style handlebars.  Please use reasonable caution when testing them on new models.The risers are placed between the fork crown and the handlebars to raise the bars up to 40mm.  This will help to relieve wrist and neck pain on long rides.  Most models require no change of any control cables, wiring, or hoses.  

Available in:

Part no: Colour: Size and Fitment:
BM01B Black For 22.2mm to 28.6mm bar - raises -20mm
BM02B Black For 28.6mm bar - raise - 28mm Rubber mounted
BM07B Black For 28.6mm bar - raises - 32mm Bolt thru
BM09B-28.6 Black For 22.2mm to 28.6mm - raises -  35mm
BM09B-22.2 Black For 22.2mm to 22.2mm - raises - 35mm
BM13S/B Silver, Black For 28.6mm - raise - 40mm Bolt thru
BM15 Black For Yamaha 28.6mm bar, raise 7mm