Bel-Ray 2T Mineral Engine Oil - 99010

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Bel-Ray 2T Mineral Engine Oil is formulated from high quality mineral base stocks to provide clean burning performance and a high level of wear protection for all air-cooled or liquid-cooled scooter engines.  It prevents ring sticking and spark plug fouling.


  • For injector/autolube systems or premix in ratios recommended by the engine manufacturer, between 20:1 and 50:1
  • Equally suitable for air-cooled or liquid-cooled engines
  • For best performance and protection when operating over a wide temperature range under high rpm and high loads or at idling speeds

Features and Benefits:

  • Superior anti-wear Reduces cylinder and ring wear. Improves bearing life for longer engine service.
  • Superior deposit control Cleans existing deposits.  Reduces gum and varnish  formation on pistons and ports. Keeps reed valves free of residue for improved throttle response over the entire power curve. Controls carbon deposits.
  • Superior combustibility Low ash for cleaner burning.  Eliminates spark plug fouling, pre-ignition and exhaust port plugging.

General Description: 

Bel-Ray 2T Mineral Engine Oil gives the most cost-effective performance and protection with low ash Bel-Ray unique anti-wear and dispersant chemistry in a premium mineral base stock.   It offers exceptional film strength for superior wear protection, improves ring seal for maximum compression and increases bearing life.  Designed for today's high performance scooters,  Bel-Ray 2T Mineral Engine Oil minimizes plug fouling and deposit build-up that can cause ring sticking, a major factor in engine failure and power loss.  
Bel-Ray 2T Mineral Engine Oil is an API TC and JASO FB rated oil.

Product No.  99010 
API Service Classification  TC 
JASO Performance Classification  FB