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Bel-Ray Moto Chill Racing Coolant is a special non-toxic propylene glycol formula designed for better heat transfer and cooler running engines.  It protects cooling systems from corrosion including those with magnesium and aluminum components.  Bel-Ray Moto Chill Racing Coolant is the ultimate high performance engine coolant - especially suited for racing conditions. Do not dilute.  Bel-Ray Moto Chill Racing Coolant is ready to use.


  • For all sealed, liquid-cooled powersport engines including road, racing and off-road motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and utility engines such as pumps, compressors, generators, etc.

Features and Benefits:

  • Non-toxic and recyclable - Harmless to fish and wildlife.  Non-toxic and non-irritating in case of skin contact.  100% recyclable.
  • Biodegradable - Environmentally friendly.  No lasting effect on ground and surface water.  Breaks down into harmless components.
  • Superior heat transfer - High boiling point and foam inhibitors prevent cooling loss for reliable engine cooling during demanding applications.
  • Superior deposit control - Non-abrasive and non-acidic organic additives clean existing deposits, reduce scale formation, prevent radiator plugging.
  • Superior corrosion protection - Prevents rust and corrosion, and solder erosion during engine operation and storage.

General Description:

Bel-Ray Moto Chill Racing Coolant is specifically formulated as an environmentally friendly, premium performance engine coolant.  This product will not damage paints or finishes on your machine.  Bel-Ray Moto Chill Racing Coolant is non-toxic to the environment.  It will prevent scale formation and corrosion for longer lasting engines and lower maintenance costs.

Product No. 99410