Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube - 99470

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Bel-Ray® Super Clean Chain Lube is the latest innovation in chain lubricant technology, combining unsurpassed anti-wear protection for long chain and sprocket life with an outer protective coating that will not attract dirt, sand, or grit and ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT FLING OFF when used as directed. Suitable for all ‘O’ ‘X’ and ‘Z’ ring and roller type chains for street, off-road, and racing use.



For all motorcycle and ATV drive chains used for road and off-road riding

For long lasting protection against rust and corrosion

For protection against shock loading and severe wear caused by metal-to-metal contact


Features and Benefits:

Superior anti-wear

Special anti-wear additives provide exceptional protection against metal-to-metal contact for longer chain life.

Corrosion protection

Full chain coverage is achieved easily to form a protective coating that is waterproof and will not wash out.

Fast drying

Sprays on and dries quickly into a protective coating that will not fling off or pick up dirt and sand.

  • Previously was BR-CLSU-L and BR-CLSU-S which were 568ml and 252ml respectively