BOYESEN - Pro Carbon Series Reeds

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Quickest acceleration any reed can offer for that all important holeshot

Crisper throttle response making challenging obstacles effortless

More overrev so you can run a gear longer going into a corner or jump

Increased life over traditional carbon fiber reeds

The most potent reed available delivering power you can have confidence in 

Pro Series Reeds are designed with the racer and avid enthusiast in mind. They offer you the latest in carbon reed technology with all the advantages of Boyesen’s dual-stage design. A carbon fiber top reed is combined with a fiberglass bottom reed for unrivaled performance. The unique, carbon-fiber top reed provides superior response, allowing the reeds to respond quickly and accurately to changes in engine pressure. The fiberglass bottom reed provides durability for increased life over traditional carbon fiber reeds. Pro Series Reeds deliver the largest horsepower and torque gains any reed can offer. If you are serious about performance, than these are the reeds for you! Designed in the lab, tested on the dyno, and proven at the track to assure your satisfaction.