CRC - CDT Cutting Oil

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Cutting, Drilling & Tapping Oil for All Metal Types

CRC CDT Cutting Oil is a superior cutting, drilling and tapping lubricant, formulated for hand and machine cutting on all types of metal. It significantly reduces friction and wear, increase cutting speeds, protects and extend tool life, and ensures consistent, high quality surface finish.

CRC CDT Cutting Oil contain extreme pressure additives and create a strong film with increased 'cling' for use on vertical surfaces, allowing for work at any angle. Available in an convenient aerosol ideal for mobile engineers and mechanics working off-site.

CRC CDT Cutting Oil leaves an anti-corrosive residue and is safe to use on soft metals such as brass, copper, and aluminium. Low-odour, non-active formula.

Features & Benefits

  • Contains high performance, extreme pressure additives
  • Provides very high resistance to temperature, pressure and wear
  • Enhances tool, mandrel and die life - Reduces tooling and production costs
  • Increases cutting performance
  • Cuts downtime
  • Provides a homogenous and tenacious lubricating film
  • Consistent, high quality surface finish
  • Flexibility - Suitable for use on a wide range of applications and materials
  • Freedom from scoring due to high welding resistance
  • Reduction of scrap
  • Suitable for hand and machine cutting
  • MPI Approved C12 (all animal product except dairy)
  • 400ml Aerosol includes Permastraw™ Dual-Action Spray System - One piece actuator with two-way spray that ensures that straw stays in place


  • Metal cutting operations
  • Cutting
  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • General workshop applications
  • Also ideal for tube drawing and extruding, cold forming and deep drawing of difficult steels such as stainless steel, high nickel alloys, chrome alloys, nimonics and aluminium