Emgo Oil Filter; HF202 Honda

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  • Only the highest quality paper, metal and rubber are used to manufacture these top-grade filters
  • Clean oil makes engines last longer

    Emgo Microglass Oil Filters stop almost 100% of the harmful particles inside your engine! Regular filter media traps particles over 20 microns in size while our synthetic microglass media traps particles over 10 microns in size dead in their tracks! while offering superior filtration and oil flow.

    Emgo has done dyno testing which has shown a horsepower gain!

    Filters are available to fit a wide variety of applications including Harley Davidson®, Arctic Cat, Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Suzuki & Yamaha. Their research and testing is done by motorcycle people and racers, such as Team Emgo Taiwan and M4 Emgo Suzuki Racing, and many others.