Ferodo Road / Off Road Brake Pads

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Developed in world championship level competition. Excellent performance and stability at low temperature. Designed to disperse abrasive particles in extreme/muddy conditions. Extended pad life, 3 x compared with organic. Fast bedding in period. Suitable for stainless steel discs only.


FERODO DRC393 (OFF-ROAD) (DX) - Replaced by the Platinum Range

Cooler running temperatures than sintered material. Non aggressive on discs. Designed to disperse abrasive particles in extreme sand and dust conditions. Developed for use in the Paris-Dakar rally. Suitable for stainless steel and cast iron discs.


FERODO PLATINUM (P) The No.1 Performing Organic Friction Material - An organic compound for high performance road and off road use that uses the technology gained from Ferodo's world racing programme. The material has been developed using the unique Ferodo vulcanisation process to give superior and consistent braking torque whilst ensuring a longer pad life.