Givi Trekker Outback 37 lt Cam-Side Cases Black (pair)

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Trekker Outback is the top of the range aluminium touring case from Givi, designed specifically for off-road use. Not only will you find more external attachment points, but the fixing system is even stronger than that used in regular MONOKEY® cases, in order to withstand the stresses of travelling off road. The MONOKEY® CAM SIDE system was developed to allow GIVI’s hard side cases to be attached at four points while still enabling swift release from the frame. The pannier frame is equipped with a 'check' indicator that is red when the case is not attached and turns green when the case is attached correctly. If you regularly travel off the beaten track and need a rugged, aluminium touring case, Trekker Outback is the best option for you.

Available in natural aluminium or painted matt black. When bought as a pair, these are keyed the same, and includes an extra lockset if you want to match a Givi topcase.

Note, the pannier racks required to fit these panniers (PL__CAM) are bike-specific, so we recommend checking first to see what fitments are available for your bike.