Yoshimura RS-12 Titanium Full Exhaust, W/ Titanium Muffler - CRF450R/RX 2021-2024

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In our never ending pursuit to craft the very best exhaust system, Yoshimura introduces the latest titanium RS-12 system for the 2023 Honda CRF450R.

Why did we go through the task of introducing a whole new system for the CRF450? With the latest engine spec, our engineers wanted to get the best most usable power from this new model. 

This new system has been developed with and is the closest thing to what 5x World Champion Tim Gajser, Mitch Evans, Ken Roczen and Chase Sexton have been using to grab holeshots and win races. By increasing the resonator in the RS-12 muffler by 50cc (a 14% increase) and adding a second resonator to the header, engineers were able to unlock some insane usable power from this new and improved system.

What does this translate to?

Easier power delivery
Smoother frontside torque
Allows the rider to ride in an higher gear, thus freeing up suspension.
Less rider fatigue
Made with the premium grade Japanese titanium tubing, this new system adds 5% max hp and 6.5% max torque to the new engine spec with its smaller throttle body and different ECU settings.

The RS-12 proudly developed, designed, and made in the USA.


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  • Honda CRF450RX 2021
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