Interphone app for Interphone Sport, Tour and Urban (Android Smartphones with OS 4.1 or later)

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(August 24, 2016): We are glad to inform you that Interphone App for Android smartphones is available on Google Play Store.

Interphone App is designed to easily set and control your Intephone on the road.

Interphone App benefits.

  • Interphone App improves intercom functionality and safety during your ride.
  • It enables you to customize in an easy, fast and intuitive way your intercom. 
  • You can finally get all intercom settings at a glance on your smartphone screen.

How to use it.

  • Just install the App on your smartphone, connect it to your Interphone unit via Bluetooth and access to all your Intephone settings.
  • You can also operate the features of your unit using the smartphone as a remote control.

Important Remarks.

  • Before using this App, make sure your unit is updated with the latest firmware, visit to download the Software Updater.
  • The Interphone App will be soon available also for Apple iPhone smartphones.

Intercom Compatibility.
Interphone App is compatible with:

  • Interphone Tour 
  • Interphone Sport
  • Interphone Urban

Smartphone Compatibility.
Interphone App is compatible with:

  • Any Android smartphone with OS 4.1 or latest 

​Click here to download Interphone app