Michelin Pilot Street Radial/Bias Ply Tyre - Urban/Scooter/Sport Range

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Bringing the Radial Revolution to small and medium sized bikes (and now also for bigger bikes)

The best wet grip in its category . Tread pattern designed to enhance wet weather performance. Best wet performance versus the leading competitive sport touring tyres for small displacement bikes; independent testing compared lap times under identical wet conditions.

Radial architecture provides consistent performance throughout the tyre's life. Tread pattern designed to minimize uneven wear and maximize mileage. Radial construction derived from Pilot® Road 2 tyres, for consistent balance of wear and grip. Superior longevity compared to a primary bias-ply competitor. Designed for the new generation of entry-level sportbikes.

Complements the sporty looks and handling of bikes like the Honda CBR250, Kawasaki Ninja 250R and 300R.

Pilot® Road 2-inspired tread design delivers proven performance with the aggressive styling that sportbike riders want.

PLEASE NOTE: The 100/80-17 (R171008MIPLST), 130/70-17 (R171307MIPLTSTT) and 140/70-17 (R171407MIPLTSTS/R171407MIPLTSTT) are BIAS PLY