Michelin Starcross MH3 Tyre - Junior Sizing - Motocross Off-Road

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Motocross tyre for medium-hard terrain.  Tread pattern designed to minimize chucking on hard ground.  Grooved central knobs improve drive on soft soil. On hard terrain, grooves facilitate flexion of the knob, for greater rubber contact with the ground.

Shoulder knobs aligned in a zig-zag pattern, for constant contact with the ground at all angles, easier side to side transitions, and excellent balance between cornering grip and forward drive. Closely spaced knobs for better adhesion on hard terrain. Unique M-Block treadwear as on MS3. Differential rigidity casing, identical to MS3

Pro tip: MH standing for medium/hard. A very similar tread pattern to the MS3, but a harder compound for rocky and hard terrain. From experience, the MH3 front is like riding on rails on gravel roads and hard pack surfaces. The front end of your bike hangs on incredibly well. A hard wearing tyre given the compound but with a tread pattern almost mimicking the MS3. Tends to hook up well under most conditions.