POWEROAD 2nd Generation Lithium-Ion Powersports Battery

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After a year of product research and testing Poweroad have released their 2nd generation Lithium Ion powersports battery. The main difference compared to 1st generation is the cells are now pouch type instead of cylindrical. This has the benefits of being easier to manufacture which will help with supply and has better discharge performance due to reduced internal resistance.


  • Long lifespan, can serve for 5-8 years when operated properly
  • High effective LiFePO4 cell technology
  • Better low temperature starting performance than similar products
  • Low self-discharge rate less than 5% per month, can still start vehicle after 12 months with no charging.
  • Lightweight, only one third of lead acid battery
  • Built in equalizing charge protection circuit, protects battery from overcharging.
  • Must us a battery charger with a "Lithium" option.
  • High temperature resistance up to 230 Degrees C
  • Waterproof case
  • 3 batteries cover 40 lead acid battery types
  • Robust brass terminal design for enhance electrical performance
  • Non toxic, no acid, no heavy metals can be installed in any direction.