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Brake Lines

The R&G steel braided front brake lines replace the OEM rubber lines to significantly improve brake feel, performance and longevity. The factory rubber hoses can stretch and bulge under pressure which causes an inconsistent lever feel that also contributes to deterioration over time. The high quality steel braided lines are constructed of high tensile stainless strands to completely eliminate any hose expansion and effectively translate brake lever travel into pressure applied directly to the front brakes. Superior quality stainless banjo fittings are utilized on all ends for durability and reliable performance. Install these R&G steel braided brake lines and enjoy one of the most monumental upgrades you can make to your braking system!

  • High tensile stainless steel braided hose
  • Superior quality stainless steel banjo fittings with copper washers
  • Eliminates expansion and bulging typical of rubber lines
  • Provides more consistent performance & significantly better lever feel
  • Longer service life compared to rubber OEM lines
  • Enhances braking control and confidence
  • Complete kit includes both lines from master cylinder to each caliper
  • Excellent bang for the buck upgrade for the front brakes
  • Directly replacement for the factory rubber lines

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