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Renthal RC-1 Works Brake Pads are a premium; high performance sintered metal brake pad with excellent wet and dry braking power.

Designed specifically for sportbike applications they are the choice where maximum stopping power, progressive feel, no brake fade and quick bed in time are important considerations.


  • High performance sintered metal compound made from 9 different materials helps reduce brake fade.
  • Pad is specially formulated for quick bed-in time and immediate response.
  • Ceramic heat shield backing reduces heat transfer from the pad to the brake fluid.
  • Vacuum Press Furnace production ensures a consistent density throughout the entire pad which helps maintain a high level of performance for the life of the pad.
  • The Renthal 501 brake pads are the same shape as the Ferodo FDB754 (FR-FDB754ST/FR-FDB754P) brake pads.