Renthal Ultralite Front Chain Wheels (Sprockets) for 2015 onwards Suzuki RMZ450

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Renthal’s Ultralight grooved off-road front chainwheels are chosen by more factory motocross and supercross teams than any other chainwheel on the market.

Designed to offer a long lasting front chainwheel in a lightweight design which offers maximum power transfer. They are CNC machined from a cased hardened and core refined 655M13 nickel chromium steel.

Mud grooves are CNC machined into each tooth on both sides to allow mud to flow away from the contact points between the chain and chainwheel. This reduces wear and increases the drivetrain lifespan.

NOTE: When selecting, ensure part number AND chain size match as part numbers can be used for different chain sizes. i.e. RE-257-520-13GP is a totally different size sprocket from RE-257-428-13GP (part number is first, then chain size, then how many teeth).

The 2015 range of Suzuki RM-Z 450 models have a revised front chain wheel fitment, incorporating a locking tab washer mechanism. Renthal are pleased to announce the release of both 13 and 14 tooth sprockets to fit the 2015/16 models. Due to the nature of Suzuki’s locking tab washer design, only Renthal’s Utlralight design is offered. (RE-496U-520-13G and RE-496U-520-14G).