VEE RUBBER V174 MX TT Front Mud Tyres

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Vee Rubber - “from plantation to end product“

Vee Rubber began as a rubber plantation over 60 years ago. In 1977, using its own natural resources, it began producing motorcycle tyres and tubes. Since then it has earned a reputation for its quality product including ISO 9000 Series certification. Vee Rubber is OEM supplier for KTM SX65 and up to 15 models of Piaggio scooters.In New Zealand, the reports on the performance of the tyres have been excellent. Initially tested by a couple of New Zealand’s leading off road riders, feedback was a big thumbs up for us to import the tyres. Since then dealers who have sold the tyres have reported back to us of complete customer satisfaction. 50/50 road or off-road. It will suit the budget conscious.


  • General Purpose Junior Mx tire
  • Mid soft to mid hard Conditions