Yoshimura RS-12 Stainless Full Exhaust, W/ Aluminium Muffler - YZ450F 20-22

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Yamaha' s YZ450F is one the bikes that seems to win the accolades of media testers of almost every level. We set out to make an even better experience with big blue.

It's no secret that the YZ450F has tons of power and torque, so we focused on smoothing the transition of both. Our new RS-12 responded perfectly, adding more mid and top end and added more torque to boot! With the power transition smoothed out and the added power the YZ450F has more controllable power, enabling you to focus more on other things...like winning!

Available in durable stainless steel with an iconic aluminum muffler, our new RS-12 Signature Series exhaust system is the best exhaust system for the YZ450F hands down.

NEW YZ250F RS-12 Features and benefits

  • Aggressive intelligently designed, the RS-12 asymmetrical shaped muffler allows maximize capacity and incorporates a resonance chamber for managing sound and increasing usable power. RS-12's unique profile also provides more clearance for tire and brake caliper.
  • Tapered muffler body inlet design of RS-12 enables the system to be pushed forward thus helping with weight centralization without sacrificing performance.
  • Improved performance gains with refined power delivery.
  • Just like the works systems our Factory Racers use, RS-12 systems utilize precision machined joints. Machined joints provide a superior and exacting fit for joints by better securing the seal between two surfaces with a perfect 360 degree contact surface which translates into improved system life, fit and performance.
  • New patent pending Precision Taper Fit (PTF) insert ring makes it easy to install and remove sound inserts and spark arrestors.
  • Works-look matte carbon fiber end cap with industry leading design, innovation and detailing as expected from Yoshimura.
  • Carbon end cap covers the RS-12 inner cap, thus improving looks, while providing easier service as compared to other sandwich mounting designs most commonly found in the industry.
  • Proudly designed, developed and made in the USA!
  • Repack Kits, optional Inserts and Spark Arresters are available for all models

Proudly designed, developed and made in the USA!

This product was designed to fit on a standard equipped motorcycle, as delivered from the factory. OE and Aftermarket accessories not found on a bike as delivered from the factory, may not be compatible with this product.

Attention International Customers: This product was designed and tested to be compatible with vehicles in the U.S. marketplace only. Compatibility including fitment and performance may vary by marketplace.