Scottoiler Traveller Expansion Bag

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The Traveller Expansion bag is the newest Scottoiler product on the market and is now available in New Zealand. With a collapsible bag as the reservoir, the Traveller is easily adaptable to fit both newer compact machines and larger classic bikes.

Designed to work with all three of the Scottoiler chain oiler systems, the Traveller connects to the reservoir via an easy-to-use twist-lock connector. Included are two adaptors – one for the xSystem and one for both the vSystem and the eSystem. The bag is easy to fit on any bike, with securing holes to ensure it can be mounted almost anywhere.

The Traveller Expansion Bag will add roughly 4000 Kilometres to the existing range of your Scottoiler, perfect for both the regular commuter, looking to avoid the hassle of refilling a reservoir, and the long-range tourer who needs the extra mileage! Compatible with both standard Blue and High Temperature Red Scottoil.