Stylmartin Impact RS Boots

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For trial and enduro lovers, Stylmartin's Impact RS boots stand out in the market for their outstanding performance and exceptional fit, even from first wear. Produced using only high-quality leather, these boots are waterproof, making them suitable for all weather and every temperature. Incredibly safe, they feature an inner anatomical anti-shock filling for the highest comfort. Unparalleled value for money from a trusted Italian brand.

  • UPPER: greasy water repellent leather
  • LINING: waterproof
  • INSIDE PROTECTION: inner anatomical anti-shock filling
  • OUTSIDE PROTECTION: hard PU shin, heel protection and PU spoiler
  • MALLEOLUS PROTECTION: malleolus internal protection
  • FASTENING: 3 adjustabel levers with rapid changable release 
  • FOOTBED: anatomic with reinforced heel support
  • SOLE: anti-slip and hard-wearing rubber sole
  • COLOUR: brown